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Twin peaks, not Myst

aw dammit seriously?

but the fake tree with the steam powered lift? that’s not Myst?

I guess I’ll just go watch Community then, they know how to make Myst references

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this is it, the best joke in the game

god bless the men and women who died localizing this joke

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dangan ronpa can get as weird as it wants but nothing will be as fucked up as seeing leon’s execution for the first time

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forgive me if I seem a little excitable I’ve been catching up on Adventure Time

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mCAT: So this happened.

Woohoo, trivialization of autism and general ableist fuckery! Dear god, if “on the spectrum” becomes the new “special” I’m going to blow a fucking fuse. (also, “I’m autistic and I’m not offended!” people, go here. Also here.)

And this should be the definitive proof of Hussie doing something that he knows will upset and hurt people and not giving a single flying fuck about it.

im fucking sick of you peope ignoring this fucking dont

can someone please explain to me how two Autistic people joking around about being Autistic is ableist, cause???????



like, i’d get it if it was someone who’s verbal making fun of someone who’s non-verbal or something like that, but literally just “hey, you’re Autistic, right?” “most definitely.” “yeah, me, too. plus i have other developmental disorders, but we should stop talking about this or someone might blow it out of proportion.” “those people are on a whole other level.” that’s basically what i got out of it??? maybe saying “on a spectrum of their own” wasn’t appropriate wording, but it wasn’t even Hussie who said that???

idk, it just reminds me of when that person drew a comic about how they felt about their body and being fat, and someone called them horrible and accused them of body shaming, when they were literally just talking about how they felt personally about themselves. or like, thinking of it another way, would you call someone who’s non-cis transphobic for making a “gender of the day” post??? probably not.

tbh, i saw these tweets awhile ago, and was really happy, because i kinda had a feeling that Hussie was on the spectrum, and i thought the way he worded it was funny. it was sort of just “oh, i was right!! he is one of us!! cool!!” and, like, Autism comes with some difficulties, but i wouldn’t say that someone who’s Autistic joking around about it is in any way “trivializing.” i mean, especially considering that in popular media, it’s portrayed as some horrible disease that us poor people suffer from, and like.. ?????? sure, it’s tough sometimes, but chill out a bit.

as for being “i’m Autistic and i’m not offended,” i’m really not offended at all. but if you’re offended, that’s fine. you’re entitled to your own emotions, and they’re totally legit. but i disagree with you on a fundamental level. i don’t see how this is ableist, except maybe that last comment made by Joey Comeau. i don’t see how it trivializes being Autistic, or in any way being on any spectrum, except, again, maybe with that last comment. however, as a fellow spectrumite, i acknowledge that you’re upset, and that maybe your experiences with being Autistic are different from mine, so maybe you see this differently than i do, and that’s fine. all i ask is that you acknowledge that maybe these people’s experiences with being Autistic are also different from yours, and so they react to and talk about it differently than you might. that doesn’t mean they’re wrong or being horrible and ableist about it. it just means they experience it differently than you, and feel comfortable joking around about it.

Pretty much my opinion on the thing. Hussie asks someone something pretty damned politely, even making sure he notes that he hopes it isn’t too personal, then makes light of himself, something I and many of my friends with developmental disorders do as well. The last comment, not even from Hussie, seems to be the only thing here I could even glean disrespect from.

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The fucking sound he makes kills me every time

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"Large imposing bear"

I found Junior’s fighting style

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thanks leliana

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Weird, it turns off for me, but i feel your pain, every good update on youtube disappears after a few months but the horrible ones last forever. I am just glad we are passed the html5 videos.

yeah and I’m really glad they seem to feel it necessary to break something every time they want to add a sci-fi reference or weird easter egg or the like.

cause you know, who needs functionality when you can make your search results do the harlem shake

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I kinda do hope so

the only way to really prove it is if he messages me on his account

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I'm still here, senpai.


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Man, back in the day weenie man was all like “shit Wiredelta why you be touchin’ weenies all day” and you’d be all like “no cut that shit out my sister follows me” and he’d be all “ok peace imma go ask shannon then” and you’d be like “no stop why”

lmao yeah I remember that

ahh the good ol’ days

(she goes by Lucina now btw)

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